Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Info about Legimus and Inläsningstjänst


Here comes some information  about audio books from Legimus and Inläsningstjänst and info about after school Extra Study Help Classes.

Info about Legimus:

Legimus is a site that students with reading difficulties can use to download audio books or text + audio books to their computers, iPads/Android pads or iPhones/Android phones. This site contains most of the books students may be reading in their Swedish classes at Rödaberg plus many more.
To be able to use this service students need to register for an account at Stadsbibliotek near Odenplan (Sveavägen 73  113 50 Stockholm).
Here comes a link to the library’s kontakt page:
After students have created an account they can download an app called “Legimus” from the App Store (to their Apple iPhone, Ipad or iPod ) or from Google’ Play store (for Android phones and Pads). When they have this app they can then download an audio book as a Zip file to their phone, Pad etc and then open this in the Legimus app.

For more information see below links

Info about Inläsningstjänst:

Inläsningstjänst is a company that records audio versions of most Swedish school textbooks and literature used in schools and converts them into the DAISY format. Rödabergsskolan has an account with this company which means that all our students can stream audio versions of the school books they are using in their subjects from an app on their computers or Android Pads or Android phones. OBS! An app is very soon to be released for iPhones and iPads!!!
For the students to be able to access their accounts I need their current active e-mail addresses. I would be grateful if you could check your child’s e-mail address and mail this back to me. I will then create an account for them and they will then receive a User name and Log In Code which they use when they want to listen to books on their phones or pads.

Here comes some links to Inläsningstjä :

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