Friday, 7 November 2014 IS FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have discovered a wonderful app called Quizlet that is used as a revision tool for students.

Teachers and students can make Q and A revision material on any subject  topic.
These are then converted to flash cards multi choice question papers and games.

Mr Jungvig (our science teacher) and I will be showing students how they can use Quizlet over the next few weeks.
Iit’s really easy to use and there are many sets of quizzes that other teachers and students 
have made that are free to use.

Quizlet can be used on a computer, iPhone/iPad or Android smartphones.

Here comes some links to Quizlet:

Here comes a link to a quiz I made last night about hydrocarbons that Year 8 strdents in b and en classes have been studying this week with Mr Jungvig.

Hope you find it useful!!



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